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  • General purpose rubber sheathed flexible cable is a type of cable commonly used in industrial and construction fields, with a rubber sheathed material, high flexibility and wear resistance. The following is some basic information about general rubber sheath flexible cable

  • Marine high voltage cable refers to a type of wire that is made with a silicone rubber insulation material and is designed to withstand high voltage applications. Here are some key features and benefits of silicone rubber resistant high voltage wire: 1. High Temperature Resistance: Silicone rubber has excellent thermal stability and can withstand high temperatures without degrading or melting. This makes it suitable for applications where the wire may be exposed to high temperatures, such as in engines or industrial equipment.

  • CEFR Marine power flexible cables are specifically designed for use in marine environments where flexibility and durability are essential for power transmission. These cables are typically used for connecting electrical equipment, machinery, and systems on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine applications.

  • Signal cables are used to transmit various types of electrical signals between different devices or components within a system. These cables are designed to carry low voltage and low current signals, such as audio, video, data, or control signals, over short to moderate distances.

  • Low smoke halogen-free marine communication cables (LSHF) are a specific type of marine communication cable that offers enhanced safety features in the event of a fire. These cables are designed to minimize the release of smoke and toxic gases, such as halogens, when exposed to fire or high temperatures.

  • Marine radio frequency cables (RF) are specifically designed for use in marine environments where RF signals need to be transmitted between various marine communication and navigation equipment. These cables are used to connect antennas, radios, radars, GPS systems, and other RF devices on ships, boats, or offshore platforms.