Marine Communication Cables

Functional characteristics of Marine communication cable:
1. Signal transmission performance: Marine communication cable has good signal transmission performance, and can stably transmit various communication signals, such as voice, data, video, etc.
2. Anti-interference: The ship's working environment is complex, there are various sources of electromagnetic interference, Marine communication cables need to have good anti-interference performance, can resist external interference, to ensure the stable transmission of communication signals.
3. Corrosion resistance: Marine communication cables need to have good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of corrosive media such as seawater and salt spray.
4. Water resistance: the ship's working environment is wet, and the Marine communication cable needs to have good waterproof performance to ensure the normal work of the communication system.

Classification and application of Marine communication cables:
Marine communication cables can be divided into internal communication cables and external communication cables according to different application scenarios and requirements. Depending on the application industry, Marine communication cables are mainly used in the following fields:
1. Merchant ships: including cargo ships, passenger ships, oil tankers and other commercial ships.
2. Warships: including military ships, military transport ships, etc.
3. Fishing boats: including all kinds of fishing boats and aquaculture boats.
4. Engineering vessels: including tugboats, working vessels, surveying vessels, etc.
5. Yachts: including private yachts, luxury yachts, etc.

Marine communication cable model selection:
The selection of the type of Marine communication cable needs to consider the following factors:
1. Cable transmission performance: According to the design requirements of the communication system, select cables with good transmission performance, such as transmission rate, signal attenuation, etc.
2. Cable material and structure: according to the ship's environment and use requirements, choose the appropriate cable material and structure, such as conductor material, shielding structure, etc.
3. Cable protection performance: According to the ship's environment and application requirements, select cables with good protection performance, such as corrosion resistance, waterproof and so on.
4. Cable certification and standards: Select cables that meet the requirements of ship-related certifications and standards, such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) certification, etc.

To sum up, the selection of Marine communication cables requires comprehensive consideration of the functional characteristics of the cable, the application industry and the specific technical requirements to ensure that the cable can meet the needs of the ship's communication system and work stably and reliably in a special environment. It is recommended to consult a professional cable supplier or consult a ship communication system design expert when selecting cables for more accurate advice and selection.
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  • Marine communication cables are specifically designed for use in marine environments to facilitate reliable and efficient communication systems on ships, boats, or offshore platforms. These cables are used to transmit voice, data, and other communication signals between various marine communication equipment, such as radios, intercom systems, navigation systems, and satellite communication systems.

  • ​Marine communication cables, also known as marine-grade communication cables, are specially designed and manufactured for use in marine environments. These cables are used for communication and data transmission purposes on ships, offshore platforms, and other marine applications.

  • SFOI fire resistant shipboard instrumentation cable Application This cable is designed for telephone & instrument circuits up to 150/250V. Suitable for use in commercial marine applications. Marine applications including ship wiring and the petrochemical and process control industries. For instrumentation and communication systems

  • SIOI SICI fire resistant Shipboard instrumentation cable Application This SIOI SICI cable is designed for telephone & instrument circuits up to 150/250V. Suitable for use in commercial marine applications. SIOI SICI fire resistant Shipboard instrumentation cable Standards Design Guide : IEC 60092-350, 376 Insulation Material : IEC 60092-351

  • Signal cables are used to transmit various types of electrical signals between different devices or components within a system. These cables are designed to carry low voltage and low current signals, such as audio, video, data, or control signals, over short to moderate distances.

  • Low smoke halogen-free marine communication cables (LSHF) are a specific type of marine communication cable that offers enhanced safety features in the event of a fire. These cables are designed to minimize the release of smoke and toxic gases, such as halogens, when exposed to fire or high temperatures.

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