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  • Flame retardant power cable is a kind of power transmission cable with flame retardant performance, which is mainly used for power transmission in buildings, underground engineering, industrial equipment and other places. Its main feature is that it can prevent the spread of flames in the case of fire and reduce the impact of fire on the power system.

  • A unique type of cable called fire-resistant power cable can continue to transmit power in the event of a fire. To ensure that the power system can continue to supply electricity in the event of a fire, it is mostly utilized in locations with high fire safety requirements, such as high-rise buildings, subways, tunnels, etc.

  • Low smoke halogen-free cable is a special kind of cable whose outer sheath material produces less smoke and harmful gases when burned, and does not contain halogen elements. It is mainly used in places with high fire protection requirements and strict environmental pollution requirements, such as subways, ships, hospitals, electronic equipment and so on.

  • Crosslinked polyethylene insulated power cable is a common power cable, mainly used to transmit power or signals. It is composed of a conductor, an insulating layer, a sheath, etc. The insulating layer is made of crosslinked polyethylene material.