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  • Silicone rubber resistant high voltage wire is a special kind of wire, with high temperature resistance, voltage resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. It usually consists of a conductor, an insulating layer and a rubber sheath.The characteristics of silicone rubber high voltage wire include: 1. High temperature resistance: silicone rubber has high temperature resistance and can work stably in a high temperature environment for a long time, usually the temperature range can reach 200℃ or more.

  • CEFR/SA Marine wire is a special purpose Marine wire with rubber sheathing and insulation for connecting the ship's electrical equipment and systems. CEFR/SA Marine wires are often used in ship power systems, lighting systems, communication systems and control systems.

  • CEFR Marine rubber sheathed cable is a cable specially designed for use in Marine electrical systems with a rubber sheath to protect the cable from physical damage and chemical corrosion. CEFR is the type of cable that represents the specific specifications and performance of the cable.CEFR Marine rubber sheathed cable features include:1. Oil resistance: the rubber sheath has good oil resistance and can cope with oil pollution that may exist in the ship environment.

  • Boat cables are cables specifically used in the electrical systems of ships. They are used in ships to transmit power and signals and to connect various devices and systems. The production process for Boat cables includes the following steps: 1. Conductor manufacturing: Select the appropriate conductor material, such as copper or aluminum, to manufacture the conductor of the cable.

  • Marine cable production process: The production process of Marine cable mainly includes the following steps: 1. Conductor manufacturing: Select the appropriate material, such as copper or aluminum, to manufacture the conductor of the cable. 2. Insulation layer manufacturing: The conductor is coated with an insulating material, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), for isolating the conductor and the external environment.

  • Ethylene propylene rubber insulated cable is a kind of cable specially used for ship control system. It uses ethylene-propylene rubber (EPR) as insulation material and has the characteristics of low smoke and no halogen. The following are the characteristics of the cable:1. Low smoke and no halogen: In the event of a fire, the smoke and toxic gases generated by the combustion of the cable are less, which helps to evacuate and extinguish the fire.

  • Tinned marine cable is a cable with a layer of tin plated on the conductor surface for Marine power transmission and connection. Tinned cable has the following characteristics:1. Corrosion resistance: the tin layer of tinned cable can effectively resist oxidation and corrosion, improve the corrosion resistance of the cable, and adapt to the special Marine environment of the ship.

  • Marine flame retardant insulated wire is a kind of wire used in ship electrical system, and its insulation layer is made of flame retardant PVC material. This kind of wire has good flame retardant performance, which can slow the spread of the fire in the event of a fire, so as to protect the safety of ships and personnel.

  • Marine low-voltage power cable is specially used for low-voltage power cable for ships. As an independent mobile system, the ship needs electricity to drive various equipment and systems, such as lighting, power transmission, communication equipment, etc. Marine low-voltage power cable plays a role in transporting electricity on the ship, but also needs to have a certain waterproof, fire and oil resistance.

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